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And right now, I’m with exactly who I wanna be with. My best friend.

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 Favourite Blair Waldorf outfits.

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blair waldrof

Blair Waldorf + hats

Make me choose meme.

chuckedlikeabass asked Blerena or Chate.

“Gossip Girl: Nothing beats a summer abroad. But when travelling far from home it’s always nice to bring along an old friend from the neighborhood. Cobblestones and Cafe de Flore. Serena’s locked down the Left Bank and become a muse to us all. Meanwhile, Blair rules the Right Bank. Storming the shops and consuming the classics. And sampling sugary snacks like a modern Marie Antoinette. But we hear Serena’s stories sizzle while Blair’s are more fizzle. She shopped at Saint Laurent, and dined at Drouant, but the only beau B had this summer is on her headband.”

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chuck & blair  f o o d

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